Appeals Guide

Appeals for England and Wales are dealt with by the Planning Inspectorate. The appeals service and all guidance relating to appeals is available in this section.

Introduction to appeals

An introduction to appeals – the grounds for appeal and the role of the Planning Inspectorate.

Types of appeal – Learn more about the most common types of appeals relating to householders and planning applications.

Appeal procedures – Advice about the three kinds of appeals procedures: written representations, informal hearings and formal inquiries.

Making an appeal – How to make an appeal online and some advice to consider before you get started.

Make an appeal:

Use our current service unless you’re making a planning appeal in East Sussex, West Sussex or Kent
Make an appeal – current service
Make an appeal – beta service

For planning appeals in East Sussex, West Sussex or Kent

Comment on a case

Simply search for your case and click on the ‘Make Representation’ button. The best way to comment on an existing case is to register with us first as that makes it easier to track cases and submit comments.

For Householder and Commercial appeals, interested parties are unable to make representations at appeal stage. Any representations made at application stage will be provided by the local planning authority and considered by the Inspector.

Search for an appeal:

Use our current search unless you know the case reference starts with a ‘4’.
Search for a case – current service

Search for a case – beta service (If the unique seven digit case reference begins with a ‘4)

A copy of the booklet provided by the Planning Inspectorate, ‘Guide to taking part in planning appeals’ is available free of charge from us or through

When made, the decision will be published on the Appeals Casework Portal.

Every Planning Application, Appeal or Public Inquiry is unique and must be assessed on its merits. Past cases do however provide planning guidance to all those  interested in protecting or improving our natural or built environment. Here are examples of important resent Planning Appeal and Public Inquiry Decisions which have significantly protected or enhanced the landscapes and countryside in the Devonshire South Hams:

The Lyte Lane Appeal Decision

The Selworthy Appeal Decision

The Frogmore 28 (Mill Lane) Appeal Decision

The Winslade Public Enquiry – Secretary of State Decision

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