Planning for the Future – Briefing

Latest information. Here is a link to the full briefing paper: House of Commons Briefing Review Number 8981, 10 March 2021 There has been some fierce criticism.  In an open letter issued shortly after the Prime Minister’s build, build, build speech, the chief executive of the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), Victoria Hills, voiced concern about the approach thatContinue reading “Planning for the Future – Briefing”

“Living with Beauty”

The Government is “consulting” (Closing date 15 March) on important changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) to incorporate ideas in the “Living with Beauty” report (see below) and on its ideas for design codes. These proposals follow on from the ‘Planning for the Future’ consultation which attracted criticism from around the country andContinue reading ““Living with Beauty””

They pave paradise!

It would be easy to imagine the English countryside is a lovely place. Everyone has been talking about discovering the wonder of nature during lockdown and there are constant reports of droves moving out of towns and cities for more pastoral locations. In many ways, however, the opposite is true. Look around and you’ll find local actions groups protesting,Continue reading “They pave paradise!”

Culturally, spiritually and emotionally Europe.

TCA_SUMMARY_PDF.pdf ( The UK is, of course, culturally, spiritually and emotionally part of Europe. Foreword This Agreement with the European Union is designed to honour the instruction of the British people – expressed in the referendum of 2016 and the general election last year – to take back control of our laws, borders, money, tradeContinue reading “Culturally, spiritually and emotionally Europe.”


“The reality of modern Britain is that the local is fighting back”. Simon Jenkins  Planning secretary Robert Jenrick’s climbdown over his planning white paper is welcome. Its core proposal for houses to be built according to a Whitehall formula – the so-called “mutant algorithm” – emerged in August reputedly at the bidding of the building lobby, eager to boostContinue reading “WIN FOR LOCALISM?”

Still Planning for the Future!

By Amy Jones, Political Correspondent 16 December 2020 • 6:00am  The original proposals were heavily criticised by dozens of Conservative backbenchers, including the former prime minister Theresa May, amid fears that it would lead to a surge of house building in their greenbelt constituencies. An updated formula will be weighted to focus on developing family homes inContinue reading “Still Planning for the Future!”

Saving the Grey Long Eared Bat

East Devon AONB winter update and asks: where were you when the Long Eared Bats of East Budleigh needed you? Their predicament was well publicised. The Grey long eared bat needs our help. With as few as 1000 bats, located in 8 main maternity roosts spread across the south of England, we need to act now toContinue reading “Saving the Grey Long Eared Bat”

The £600,000 bat!

Bellway Homes are handed the ‘largest ever fine’ for wildlife crime over demolition work at bat habitat The developer carried out the damaging work despite the presence of the protected creatures having been noted the year before. By Sabah Choudhry, news reporter Friday 11 December 2020 13:26, A major housebuilding company has been fined £600,000Continue reading “The £600,000 bat!”