‘Frogmore 28’

‘THE FROGMORE 28’ – PLANNING APPEAL REFUSED HARMING THE CHARACTER OF THE LANDSCAPE The Appeal Inspector concluded that the proposed 28 houses, community allotments, highway improvements and associated landscaping. would seriously harm the character and appearance of the Frogmore area, which is in the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The developer’s appeal hasContinue reading “‘Frogmore 28’”

Lyte Lane Appeal Decision

THE ‘LYTE LANE’ PLANNING APPEAL – REFUSED – 26TH MARCH 2019 The Friends of South Hams and the South Hams District Council help to protect the Countryside and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty ON ITS MERITS Every Planning Appeal is considered on its own merits, and  like the Frogmore wind turbine Public Inquiry decision, theContinue reading “Lyte Lane Appeal Decision”

All Blacks & White Stuff

You may well remember the controversial unauthorised two-storey garage, tennis court and skateboard bowl, built without planning permission at Gerston Point in the heart of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the designated Heritage Coast. This is a case which has attracted local community opposition, some support, some anger and even national interest.Continue reading “All Blacks & White Stuff”

Planning for the Future

Planning For the Future White Paper – August 2020 – Closing date for consultation responses is 11:45 on 29th October 2020 The Government consultation seeks views on each part of a package of proposals for reform of the planning system in England to streamline and modernise the planning process, improve outcomes on design and sustainability,Continue reading “Planning for the Future”