United we stand

The CPRE are joined by Friends of the Earth, RSPB, Rivers Trust and many more in urging the Prime Minister for ‘locally accountable, democratic’ planning. As the environment secretary George Eustice makes a speech about changes to the ‘environmental impact assessment system’, the part of the planning process that assesses the risks to nature andContinue reading “United we stand”

Blanksmill Creek

The Application to build at Blanksmill Creek ‘withdrawn’ – But…. There was almost unanimous community opposition to the proposal to build a barn at the head of the iconic and unspoiled Blanksmill Creek, in the heart of the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). I am delighted that the contentious Application has beenContinue reading “Blanksmill Creek”

From the ‘Planoraks’

Local PlansPlanning for the Future Aug 7th Written By Zack Simons In the wee hours of the morning the Government published two consultation documents: “Planning for the Future”: read this version if you like lovely pictures and have a screen the size of a bus, and this version for everyone else. “Changes to the current planningContinue reading “From the ‘Planoraks’”

View from the CPRE

We raise concerns about the rules that control new building works and emphasise the need for community involvement. Robert Jenrick, housing secretary, has today proposed changes to reform an ‘outdated’ planning system. The government says that the changes are intended to speed up the planning process and allow more building as the country recovers fromContinue reading “View from the CPRE”

Good Planning

Why our planning system must be made fit for purpose – Friends of the Earth ‘Good planning is essential to protect the environment from development pressures. But recent reforms threaten to compromise the ability of the planning system as a whole to deliver in the public interest.’ Kate Gordon 29 Jul 2019 At a timeContinue reading “Good Planning”

Local Plan Making

Statutory duty and the role of plans What is the role of plans? (For a taste of the Governments proposals to change these duties please see the ‘Planning for the Future‘ Consultation White Paper – August 2020) The development plan is at the heart of the planning system with a requirement set in law thatContinue reading “Local Plan Making”

Local Leads!

From the Governments Plain English Guide to Planning In the Government’s ‘Planning for the Future’ Consultation White Paper (August 2020) it is proposed the existing planning system in England should be entirely scrapped . At the moment planning ensures that the right development happens in the right place at the right time, benefiting communities and the economy. It playsContinue reading “Local Leads!”

Planning for the Future

Planning For the Future White Paper – August 2020 – Closing date for consultation responses is 11:45 on 29th October 2020 The Government consultation seeks views on each part of a package of proposals for reform of the planning system in England to streamline and modernise the planning process, improve outcomes on design and sustainability,Continue reading “Planning for the Future”