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Dear Friend,

                               Thank you for registering as a ‘Friend of South Hams’, and for your interest in protecting and enhancing the very special character of the area. Your support lends weight, and local knowledge, to the campaigning work we can undertake together.

The FOSH Facebook and Web pages aim to keep us all informed about the issues and developments that, we believe, would harm the area’s very distinctive landscapes, in particular, the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We also offer an open access resource about planning applications and how to write effective letters of representation (LORs).

FOSH reflect the common interests and concerns of the South Hams residents, local businesses, and visitors. We are very happy to work in partnership with existing campaigning organisations on individual planning issues, as well as offering support to the local community.

Since 2016 we have drafted effective Letters of Representation to the Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) on behalf of residents and amenity groups, who like us, oppose inappropriate planning applications in any location, but with specific emphasis on those we believe would harm the landscape character, and environment of our beloved South Hams.   

Examples of successful campaigning letters, written by FOSH, can be found on our Web site. For anyone new to local campaigning, or opposing planning applications, our simple Web ‘Guide’ is a good place to start.  

Thank you again for becoming a ‘Friend of South Hams’.


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This Web site is for those who love the South Hams “The jewel in the crown of Devon” and who wish to protect and enhance the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

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